The Eighth Australasian User Interface Conference - AUIC 2007

Ballarat, Victoria, Australia - January 30th to February 2nd, 2007

Welcome to AUIC 2007

Thank you to everyone that attended the AUIC 2007 conference, it was a great success! The next AUIC conference will be held in Wollongong, NSW. Please visit the AUIC 2008 web site at for more information.

The program chairs are pleased to announce that the keynote speech at the conference will be presented by Professor Steven K. Feiner from Columbia University in New York City, an internationally-known and respected leader in the field of computer graphics and user interfaces. The keynote is titled, "On Beyond GUI":

 Predictable, yet nonetheless impressive, technological advances are giving us devices that are ever smaller and faster, and, in the case of displays, larger, as well. What will they make possible? This talk will provide a personal view of some of the directions in which user interfaces are, or should be, heading.
 One direction is that of mobility and wearability. Taking into account our surrounding environment, indoors and out, georeferenced information can be tightly registered with what we experience through mobile augmented reality, or more loosely coupled through location-aware applications. Here, one goal is to create user interfaces that are cursorless, eliminating the need for mobile users to tediously control and visually monitor a cursor while they interact with the world around them.
 Another direction stresses heterogeneity, allowing us to benefit from the complementary advantages of a diverse combination of interaction devices and displays. For example, tracked displays can be registered with each other, while see-through displays can overlay graphics on other displays, expanding our interaction space in breadth and depth.
 Finally, the proliferation of sensors, including cameras and microphones originally added for the sake of human-human communication, can play a key role in adaptive user interfaces and applications. For example, computer-vision algorithms can be used to recognize our environment, making it possible to build systems that better assist users in their tasks.

Message from the conference chairs

Welcome to the home page for the 8th Australasian User Interface Conference, to be held in Ballarat, Victoria in January 2007. We would like to invite you to attend the conference and also for you to consider submitting a paper. We would particularly like to welcome overseas guests to come visit Australia and participate in the conference. The AUIC conference is part of Australasian Computer Science Week, which contains a number of conferences such as ACSC, ACE, ADC, AUIC, CATS, and APCCM.

This year we are continuing on the successes from last year's AUIC 2006 conference. We will be having demonstration sessions again, and a new forum for presenters to quickly discuss summaries of their work for discussion. We will also have another exciting keynote speech this year from a distinguished international guest. Other appealing features of the conference include publication of papers in the ACM Digital Library, and a small workshop feel which allows in-depth discussion amongst participants.

We look forward to seeing your paper submissions, and meeting you at the conference in 2007!

About the conference location

The conference is being held in the city of Ballarat, Victoria in Australia. More information about the location is available from the ACSW conference page.

About AUIC

The Australasian User Interface Conference (AUIC) is a technology-focused forum for user interface researchers and practitioners from Australia and New Zealand, and throughout the world. The conference, which is one of several conferences that constitute the Australasian Computer Science Week, provides an opportunity for workers in the areas of HCI, CSCW, and pervasive computing to meet with colleagues and with others in the broader computer science community.

We welcome original papers and short papers describing research or innovative practice. AUIC invites participation and submissions from researchers and practitioners with an interest in techniques, tools, and technology for improving user interfaces over a wide range of areas, including the following:

All papers in the proceedings of ACSW conferences (including AUIC) are archived in the ACM Digital Library. As with previous years, registration to the Australasian User Interface Conference will enable delegates to attend sessions in any conference participating in the Australasian Computer Science Week.

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